Activities & Attractions


Many of our visitors love to just sit on their balcony, sipping on a beverage, watching the sea, reading a good book, or dreaming.  But if you want a little activity our area is ideal for seaside walks.  There is a small path which starts at Logaras Beach and passes by several unique beaches such as Pounda, Mesada, Golden Beach, Drios, and Pirgaki, all inviting you to get your feet wet or have a swim.  The duration is approximatly 2 hours, one way, if you walk the entire path.  

There are other paths nearby which connect Marpissa to local attractions in the countryside, the mountains, and monasteries.  In Prodromus, you can begin the ancient Byzantine trail, connecting to Lefkes (a beautiful mountain village) and continue on to Paroikia. 

  • Logaras Beach
  • Pounda
  • Mesada
  • Golden Beach
  • Drios
  • Pirgaki
  • Marpissa
  • Prodromus
  • Lefkes
  • Paroikia


We can arrange a guide for your walking expeditions if you feel the need.  Or we provide hiking maps in the shop.  Cycling and Sea Activities, Daily Cruises depart from Piso Livadi (5 minutes walk) to other islands such as Iraklia, Naxos, Koufounisi, Danousa, even Santorini.  Private sailing charters can be arranged.  Other daily cruises to Antiparos and Delos and Mykonos can also be arranged.  Windsurfing, Stand Up Paddleoard, Jet Skiing, Sea kayaking, Kite Sailing and similiar water sport adventures are all available nearby.Guided Cycling tours and treks are also available.  Rental bicycles can also be arranged and delivered here.
  • Windsurfing
  • Kiteboard
  • Kayaking
  • Paddleboarding
  • Wakeboarding
  • Jet Skiing